Close Finish In Totaleye Care Huon Series Race 1




The tradition of close competition for line honours continues. Last year

Stew Bennett won the prestigious “King of the Huon” trophy in a very even



Race 1 was held in perfect conditions with crowds of hundreds of people

lining the foreshore to watch the race!  The people of Franklin put on a big

party to welcome the DCC back to the Huon.


Stew was part of a four man early breakaway group that again saw a close

finish with Matt Dalziel winning by one second from Ben Maynard with Stew a

further nine seconds behind.   The winning time was a fast 47min 04 sec for

the 10.5 km course.


Close finishes were the order of the day with John Hitchens winning the Ski

division from Ian Cooksey by 0.4 seconds.  Imojen Pearce was the fastest

female home by a long way.  Andrew Grove was unlucky at the finish.  He had

worked hard to catch Ben Fasnacht in the closing few km and thought he had

passed the finish line when he went past the emergency flare blazing away on

the foreshore.  He stopped paddling and when he realised that the finish

line was 20 metres further on he was 3 secs behind.  Rumour has it that it

was Matt letting off the flare in celebration of his first Huon win!

(please note this type of  behaviour is not condoned by the DCC).


 The sea kayak division was also a close finish with Bianca Pritchard

winning from Marcelle Ottaway and Marilyn Langham.  After race cappuccinos

and Lattes were very welcome.  We will expect this after every race Phil!


Thanks to Phil Watkins for organising the event and acting as sweep kayak.

Thanks also to Mary-Jane and Moya for timing the hectic finish!


The next Total EyeCare DCC Huon winter race is on Sunday May 25th with a

10AM start from the Huonville boat ramp.