Brown’s Race 9 Sizzles


Browns Race 9 – a long handicap race was held in perfect conditions on Tuesday 19th Feb. It was a balmy 31 degrees with almost no wind. 36 Competitors turned up to race and many had a swim afterwards to cool down.

Brian Kohl showed that he has improved substantially since his last outing, making a mockery of his easy handicapping to finish almost 2 minutes ahead of the next compeitor. He can expect to start a long way further down the list next time.

In other categories, the field was a lot closer, with 29 paddlers crossing the line within 2 minutes, roughly one every 4 seconds, despite the first and last paddlers being separated at the start by around 14 minutes.

Hardest hit by the handicapper was Yvette Edward. An error in the results of her last race saw her sent off a minute later than she should have been (oops), giving her an impossible time to make up. Hopefully this will be fixed for the next handicap race.

The race was followed by a great barbie with Moya’s scrummy Tabouleh stealing the show.

Thanks again to Moya Deigan and Andrew Mollison for Start/Finish officiating and handling the barbecue.