Joining the DCC

The Derwent Canoe Club is affiliated with Paddle Tasmania and Paddle Australia.  New members can join and current members can renew through the Paddle Australia membership portal system.  You can also check if you are a financial member or reset your password from here.

Be sure to select Derwent Canoe Club from the list to ensure you get all the local benefits of DCC membership.

Visit our Fees and Charges page for  an explanation of what and how we charge before joining.

If you experience difficulties joining up through the website please contact us at:

DCC Member Benefits

  • Discounted entry to events including
    • Slalom & Ocean Ski Races
    • Whitewater paddling at Hydro sites (Bradys, Mersey, Forth etc.)
    • Paddle Tasmania training and educational courses
  • Insurance provided by Paddle Australia for accidents that occur on paddling trips or events – see
  • Paddle Australia affiliation – required to entry National and International competitions.
  • Training provided through the Paddle Power program for beginners, through to training for elite level athletes.
Juniors at the start of the Fisher River
Juniors at the start of the Fisher River