Fees and Charges

Our membership charges are quite low. This allows us to avoid complicated discount membership categories and pro rata rates. Strong feedback from our members and past treasurers confirm keeping memberships cheap, simple and functional is preferred.


DCC Membership:

Category CT fees DCC fees Total Membership cost
Senior $30 $40 $70/year
Junior $30 $0 $30/year
*Triallist-Snr $0 $20 $20/3 months
*Triallist-Jnr $0 $0 $0/3 months


# CT – Canoeing Tasmania: This is a mandatory charge of $30 per member (no pro rata, fixed to financial year).  The benefits are exceptional in terms of insurance, education, events and lobbying through affiliation with Australian Canoeing.

*The triallist option is only available for those who wish to take part in an event for the purposes of trialling canoeing. Limit of 1 membership per person after which the expectation is they would take up full membership. Benefits include insurance cover.


Paddle Power:

DCC membership is mandatory

Coaching * Gear-boat and paddle only
$100 $70