Canoe Polo

About Canoe Polo

The Derwent Canoe Club runs canoe polo rosters at the Clarence YMCA Pool.

Typically there is a Senior roster in Autumn and a Schools roster through the school term 3.

Games are held on a 30m x 20m section of pool in special polo kayaks, these along with paddles, helmets with face guards, buoyancy vests and spray decks are all provided by the club. Teams of 5 paddlers endeavour to score goals by throwing the ball into a net suspended 2m above the water, at the end of the game the team with the most goals wins. Paddlers in A Grade may tackle their opponents using their boat or with a single handed push on the shoulder, paddlers in B Grade and in the Schools competition are not allowed to push tackle.

Further information on canoe polo can be found on the Australian Canoeing Canoe Polo website.

During the canoe polo rosters the remaining section of the pool is available for use for $8 per person for rolling practice etc. Boats to be used in the pool must be clean and free of dirt inside and out. Those who’ve paid for the canoe polo roster do not need to pay to use the rolling/practice end (20m x 20m) of the pool.  Club members are often on hand to help newcomers with learning to roll.  If you are new to the club, just ask at the desk if you would like some assistance and they should be able to track down a willing and able helper.

2017 A & B grade Roster

What: Open Canoe Polo Roster (A and B Grade)
When: Monday nights 7:30 to 9:30
Where: Clarence Aquatic Centre…
Dates: Monday 1st May – Monday 10 July (no games 12 June)
Cost: $100 per player

Go to the DCC calendar to enter

Click on the event then on the enter button.

Each player will also need to be a member of the Derwent Canoe Club (or be a member of another Australian Canoeing affiliated club). And must join individually by going to

3 Month membership is available for FREE for juniors and $15 for seniors

Entries close 29th April (has been extended on website)

The roster will be limited to 4 A Grade and 4 B Grade teams.
College Teams will be in B Grade.

A grade players will be teamed up by the roster coordinators to try to create an even and close roster. If you want to play with anyone in particular shoot me a message an we’ll see what we can do.

If you want to play B grade but don’t have a team just enter and we’ll add you to a team.

The shallow end of the pool will be available for rolling and practice.
There will be no cost for those entered. $8 for non polo players

Any questions contact:

Canoe Polo coordinator

Schools Canoe Polo Roster 2017

This roster of polo is open to all school teams, grade 7 to 10.  The roster aims to develop the kayaking and canoe polo skills of novices.  Teams of 5 to 8 play with modified rules to make it age/skill appropriate.

When: 7:30 Monday nights 3rd term

Venue: Clarence YMCA Pool

Cost: TBA

All equipment is provided.  Pool entry and Australian Canoeing insurance (event specific club membership) included.


Leigh Wighton
Canoe Polo Coordinator