Wildwater Development Squad

Wildwater Development Program

Junior development squad, including the TIS Talent Search Squad.
Information sheet&nbsp6th&nbspFeb&nbsp2005
A&nbspreminder that Squad training will be at Brown’s Rivulet at Kingston Tuesday 8th Feb, starting at 5:00pm on the city side of the walkbridge near the beach. We’ll spend more time in the Down River Kayaks this session (the longer less stable race boats, using fibreglass/kevlar/carbon boats where possible), continuing into the race.
Times are getting competitive now after some good performances at the nationals and DRR whitewater sessions on the Huon, Derwent and Forth rivers (you’re new handicaps will reflect the improvements!).
Information sheet&nbsp5th Jan&nbsp2005
Next event is the 2005 Wildwater National Championships held on the Forth River on the 18th of January 2005. Monday 17th will be a practice day and will include&nbspthe&nbsp2005 Australian Wildwater Championships Junior Development&nbspProgram (click to download program). As well as the stated program, we will do several practice runs as a squad.
Following the completion of the development program, at 5:30 pm, there will be a group&nbspPsych motivational talk by David O’ Sign (TIS),&nbsp(Tas paddlers only) plus the Pre- Nationals Tas Team Feast at 4 Beach St (Andrea McQuitty & Nick Dekka’s place, 15min from the course). Food for TIS paddlers provided.
All participants MUST have entered the event (enter now if you haven’t already) by downloading : 2005 Australian Wildwater Championships Entry Form&nbsp.
Camping is at the Forth Slalom site at $3 per person per night (the finishing line for the events and the location of the Development Program presentations) with the only amenities available being toilets. Access information and course descriptions are available from the 2005 Wildwater Nationals menu on the website.
The Development program commences with a river trip at 10:00am, hence a 9:00am&nbsparrival (or camp the night before) would be wise, to ensure boats are adjusted and athletes are changed, ready to paddle. The plastic Wavehopper kayaks will be provided for racing (though these are slower than the Carbon Fibre / Kevlar kayaks that will be paddled by most of the more competitive paddlers). Anyone wishing to look at acquiring a faster craft to race, can give me a call 0418 119 257 (there are several second hand race boats we know, at the moment).

Information sheet&nbsp30th Nov 2004

Meeting 5:00pm Tuesday&nbsp30th November at Glenorchy Pool ( NB not Broken Bridge this week!&nbsp)

Click for a description of the&nbspScrew Roll being taught.


Skills training, focus on eskimo rolling.

Information sheet 23rd Nov 2004

Just a reminder that Squad training will be at Brown’s Rivulet at Kingston Tuesday 23rd, starting at 5:00pm on the city side of the walkbridge near the beach. Training will include coaching by Matt Dalzeil (Australian Champion for years and now world class Adventure Racer). We’ll spend more time in the Down River Kayaks this session (the longer less stable race boats), then revert to the ‘dancer’ kayaks for skills training and the race.

The race format will be the same as last time (though should start on-time this week… first week is always a mess getting entries/memberships organised).


6.00 race entries (must ensure that you’ve applied for club membership – covers insurance for racing and training sessions)

6.30 race start

7.30 Free barbecue for competitors and officials, if the weather is kind. BYO drinks. If bad weather, we’ll make the barbie after the next race. Vegie burgers etc will be available.

How Much: $2.00 per race, or $10.00 for the series (at least 6 races still to go).


Results from the last race are available on the website at www.derwent.paddle.org.au. Dress will be the same as last week (and for most sessions)… wetsuit/warm gear for training, since a swim is still likely at this stage of development! Shoes are important at all times (oyster shells at Brown’s and safety on rivers). Some lighter clothing may be useful for the race to avoid over-heating BUT there can be 15-20min waiting between events so don’t wear too little (and it does depend on the weather on the day).

The weekend of the 4th and 5th will be the DCC Championships will be held at Brady’s Lake near Bronte Park – the Brady’s Lake course is too difficult for the squad this year (that grade of water may be a possibility for this time next year..). As club members though, all are welcome… there will be lots of activities to watch, a lake to paddle on and some moving water to practice skills. All are welcome but this will not be a squad activity.

The weekend of the 11th and 12th is the Tasmanian State Championships. These are held on the Upper Mersey river (Between Lake Rowallan and Lake Parangana) and will include Wildwater racing on Saturday and slalom racing on Sunday. The format for day will be senior races first (grade 3 whitewater) followed by a junior race on the lower course (grade 2).

Squad members will be able to watch the senior event by being positioned at key rapids to watch lines and techniques of some of the country’s best paddlers. Members will then take part in the junior race (being shadowed by senior paddlers) down a 3km section of river of difficulty similar to ‘Broken Bridge’. Over the weekend there may be opportunity to paddle the upper race course in a Topo Duo (Double kayak, with a senior paddler). Most competitors will camp at the ‘Berlin Wall’ site, next to the river (10 min walk to toilets). Information, including entry forms are available on the website at www.derwent.paddle.org.au – description of the Mersey can be found under information for the 2005 nationals. Slalom racing is on Sunday, the national team will be at the event (slalom is where coloured poles ‘gates’ are positioned down a ~500m section of rapid, that competitors must negotiate, as fast as possible, with the least number of ‘touches’ on gates – eg Athens and Sydney Olympics). Although the course will probably be too difficult for most of the squad members at this stage, I’d encourage people to make the most of the drive (4hrs), camp and watch / help with the slalom event (that also being the period most likely to allow the Topo Duo runs). Slalom will provide a component of training over the next year (critical to boat handling skills and ‘reading’ water) and Slalom and Wildwater events are usually organised together (with many paddlers, paddling in both disciplines), giving squad members the ability to compete in slalom events should they choose.

The next major event (after the State Championships) will be the 2005 Wildwater Nationals – for the squad, this will be the 17th and 18th of January on the Forth river near Devonport (details at www.derwent.paddle.org.au). The course will be less difficult than the State Championships (that they will have competed in) but the squad should be able to cope with paddling the ‘Wavehopper’ race kayaks by then (faster but less stable).

Our focus at the moment will be river safety and basic skills. As long as the boys are paddling safely and having fun, there experience will grow over this summer period. Focus for more serious competition will be the All Schools and State Championships next year.

If there’s any questions / problems / more information required, don’t hesitate to give me a call or catch up with any of us at a training session.