Southern Paddlers are a group of event managers that run and coordinate ocean racing as part of the Derwent Canoe Club. Over the summer months they run a series of low key races every 2nd Tuesday night from the DSS ranging in distance from 6 to 10 km. These races are designed to introduce paddlers to ocean racing.  Southern Paddlers also run and coordinate a series of longer and more challenging races in various locations around the state ranging from 10 to 45 km in length. These races accumulate points towards the state series and culminate in the State Titles.  Southern Paddlers also coordinate impromptu social downwind paddles.

Summer Activities

The Derwent Estuary is used to host weekly races for boats of all shapes and sizes.  People typically paddle ocean skis or multisport kayaks at these events.   The Twilight Race series on the Derwent Estuary are held in various locations with the location chosen to maximise down wind runs for the ocean ski paddlers, for more information goto the Southern Paddlers facebook page.