The Derwent Canoe Club (DCC) will no longer lease the kayak storage facility from the Derwent Sailing Squadron (DSS) from July 1, 2018 and management of this facility will be returned entirely to the DSS.  Please be assured that the DSS intends to meet the needs of the paddlers currently accessing the storage facility.

The DCC and the DSS agree that this arrangement is in the best interests of the occupants of the storage facility and will ensure the administration of the facility is more practical for both occupants and management.

Under the new arrangements with the DSS:

  • Occupants will no longer be required to hold a DCC membership to use the facility.
  • DSS membership requirements will remain the same.
  • Current occupants will be able to keep 1 kayak space and 2 spaces may be available to individuals subject to demand.
  • Annual storage fee will be less.
  • A reconfiguration of the existing kayak racks will be completed.
  • The current key and lock system will be replaced and updated.

Should any current occupant wish not to continue their lease of a storage space, they are required to remove their equipment from the facility prior to June 30 2018.

All storage shed keys will be required to be returned to the DSS office once the new arrangement is in place and the current lock and key system replaced.

The DCC would like to thank the DSS for their support of the kayak storage facility that has benefited paddlers and members for the past 8 years and for their ongoing maintenance and management of this facility.

Should you have any immediate questions, please contact me.  The DSS will make contact with current occupants in early June regarding the changes outlined above and the lease arrangement for the financial year commencing July 1 2018.

Stewart Bennett

PH 0428 192898

E stewart.ross.bennett@gmail.com