Browns 2014-15 kicks off

a duck
Browns is a true spectator event for all ages and species.

A beautiful evening – light winds, 20+ degrees, a good water height and no weed made for fun racing at the first Brown’s Race for the 2014-15 summer season. A good crowd of 21 paddlers turned up with a skein of skis, a gaggle of DR boats, a quiver of multi-sport boats, a flock of sprint boats, plus a pod of SUPs and one lonely sea-kayak paddled by Matt Costello (come on guys – give him some company next race!).

Despite a torrid hour and half of Paddle Power Coaching and a Le Mans style race to the start line, Matt Dalziel raced to a fast 14.03 ahead of Cooka’s 14.28 with young tyro Chris Boult in 15.05 taking 3rd – all in Sprint K1s. Fastest female was Carol Hurst, closely followed by Andrea Smith and Katie Watkins, with Rohan Borojevic the fastest DR K1, beating his father David by 7 seconds.

Mick Hawes continues to dominate the SUP class with a fast 23.46 ahead of Matthew Schmidt and Julie Cassa.

A fun race followed by a very pleasant barbie on a very pleasant evening at Kingston.

Come on down on Tuesday 4th NovemberĀ  for a fun social race (and thanks to Ecky andĀ  Phil for helping with timing, and Ash and Erica for helping with the barbie).

Cheers John and Moya