World Brown-Water Record Set by Ben Maynard



The final Kayak4Play Browns river race for 2009/10 was an exciting climax to the season.  Fast times, another great BBQ from Carol Furmston (including a special dessert treat), presentations of the Kayak4Play handicap winners gift vouchers and the return of the famous Brown Duck Vintage Wines!

Ben Maynard will now head to Europe for the World Cup and World Championships with a well deserved reputation.  Last Sunday he won the Tasmanian Ocean Racing Championship and now he has set a World record Brownwater racing time of 13 min 27 sec. 

Ben put the challenge out before the race.  He was going for it.  The conditions were not perfect.  Low water and moderate wind.  And still Ben did it!  Others also took up the challenge.  Angus Sprott, Stew Bennett  and Matt Dalziel all broke the previous fastest time of the year with Angus also breaking the 14 minute mark.  There were some excellent PB times put in by many other competitors.   Jodi continued her fantastic season and was again the fastest female.  Kate Watkins and Kate Eckhardt took on the tricky slalom C2 boat.  They were seen giggling whilst zigzagging from side to side along the course ensuring that they went thru every imaginary gate.   Unfortunately the video tape ran out before they finished so their time was not recorded.  But they must be pleased with not losing any penalty points for missing a gate!  Some paddlers found the going tough with the notorious “Brownwater rogue waves” forcing 2 paddlers to go for swims!

Good luck to all DCC paddlers participating in the World Cup and World Championships! 

When Ben returns he will just be a mere mortal.  His days of jet setting around the world with the ultimate physique and Aussie chick magnet accent are nearly over.  On return he has promised to help improve the paddling techniques of his fellow paddlers.  This could be an even bigger challenge than the World Cup!

 The winners of the Kayak4Play $20 gift vouchers are:

Dion Frampton, Clancy Bowman, Andrew Eckhardt, Oliver Gales, Dave Grey, John Clingo, Elsa Gales, Leigh Wighton (don’t spend it all at once Leigh) and Jodi Templar.  

If you weren’t at the presentations then I still have your voucher!  Either see me at the Huon race or contact me by Email so that I can get it to you.  Thank you to Leigh at Kayak4Play for sponsoring the series.  He has a great range of kayaking gear at great prices.  

Thank you to all of the volunteers over the series.  It has made it a fun series!  

 Don’t forget the Huon series starts on Sunday 18th April.  10AM start at Huonville for the first race.  The Huon series will be raced monthly to keep paddlers fit and prepared for the winter and Freycinet challenges. 


 Andy Maver