Gear For Sale


Important message from Ben MaynardÕs mum:

ÒBen has been a very naughty boy.  His room is so messy that I canÕt even get in there to clean it.  And the odour from his favourite neoprene kayaking booties has permeated throughout the house.  I refuse to do his washing, ironing and cooking until he clears out his room.  After all….. How many paddles can you use at the one time?Ó

As you can see Ben is in serious trouble.  He has to sell some gear.  Please help him!

For sale so I can get to Europe (and back!) this year:

# Dagger Nomad small (used twice) $1400

# Prijon Bala DR boat, all carbon kevlar, 1 year old, $1200

# Kick The Waves WAKA DR boat, carbon top, carbon kevlar hull, 2 years old $750 (sam jesney currently has first option)

# Gut paddle (adjustable between 207-212cm, “small” blades for wildwater or ski), 6 months old, $350

# Long sleeve Zastera cag deck (size L) to suit slalom or DR boat, 2 years old, $160

# Long sleeve Galasport cag deck (size L) to suit slalom or DR boat, 6 months old, $200 (stew bennett currently has first option)

# Well loved neoprene kayaking booties.  Not house trained. Give away to a good home

#Jantex “Gamma” paddle (adjustable between 210 and 215cm), medium plus blades for ski/multisport, as new $350

# Jantex “Alpha” blades only, medium plus style blades with very strong catch and slightly laid-back, new $300

# 3 x Jantex “Gamma” paddles (non-adjustable, 206-207 cm for wildwater), range of ages, between $250 and $300

Maybe some more paddles as well…….I’ll have a look!

contact Ben Maynard
0439 844 649


Matt Dalziel also has a paddle for sale

Adjustable ÒLithiumÓ paddle 204 Ð 214 cm

Used 5-6 times Ðsuit multisport/ski $350

Contact Matt on 0408914191


DonÕt forget the race next Tuesday:

Sandy Bay Regatta Australia Day race: 6.5 and 13.0km races out of Sandy Bay.  2pm start. Details on Southern paddlers website 


Browns will be on again on Tuesday Feb 2nd and every second Tuesday during daylight saving.