Browns Marathon Results


How much Brownwater can you take?

The first Brownwater marathon time trial was well attended with 29 paddlers in 28 boats.  Many paddlers remarked that that they enjoyed the marathon length.  The water was high and the weather warmed up for the race. 


The only complaint was from Matt Watton.  He complained that despite the strong winds there was no tailbreeze on the course.  With MattÕs multiple round Tasmania kayaking trips (ask him about his recent ABC radio interview) he should know that there are only 2 certainties with kayaking:

1)      There is no such thing as a tailbreeze.  Anything resembling a tailbreeze is just a transitory illusion and…..

2)      No matter how well you wash them….. Your neoprene kayaking booties will always stink!


Well done to Matt Dalziel who can now claim to be the inaugural

ÒBrowns river marathon championÓ!  


It was a close finish with Matt only finishing 7 seconds faster than Ben Maynard with Stew Lawless a further 41 seconds behind.  This was an excellent time by Stew given that he has to lift his leg out of the little K1 so that he can turn around the buoy.  And who says that kayaking is not a spectator sport?  The timers were laughing watching Stew going around the pylon at the _ way mark.  


Traffic jam at the golf club turning buoy!

Consideration is being given to the request that Andrew Buckley have his own turning buoy (like at the start of Sydney/Hobart yacht race) after he caused a traffic jam when trying to turn the Time Bandit.   Some competitors were wishing they had their golf clubs with them so that they could practise their shots whilst waiting for Bucks to complete his turn.  If there was money on this race they may not have been so polite!


Jodi Templar showed continued improvement in her 575 to take out the Female Browns river marathon championship.  Mel Curry was second with Sharon Campbell

in third.


Andrew Flakemore continues to improve in his V12 to take out the fastest ski time.


In the half marathon Elsa Gales powered away to win in a very good time. 


Bronwyn Kimber and Andy Wakefield clearly won the C2 category (they were the  only C2).  The timekeepers suggested (politely) that they might like to do the second lap which they both rapidly declined.  A wise move.  C2 paddling has been blamed for many broken friendships and even divorces.  After all….. who really is steering in a C2? 


ÒHow Brown can you getÓ weekly award goes to Andrew Mollison.  After finishing the marathon he was hot!  He was last seen doing Eskimo rolls to cool down.


Thanks to the timing assistants Nick Heather and Margie Mollison.  Full results are up on the DCC website.