Canoe Polo Ladder


The ladder for the 2009 Open Canoe Polo Roster is now avaliable online.

A total of 10 teams have entered this years open canoe polo roster, 6 in A grade, 4 in B grade.  The first 4 weeks of competition have seen many close matches ….and a few not so close. 

In the premier A grade competiton, internationally renowned boat race, turned canoe polo team Rapid Drunk Racing are currently sitting on top of the ladder, yet to loose a match.  Second place is currently occupied by team Kayak4Play, with three wins and one loss.  In 3rd place is Team Us with two wins and two losses, separated only by percentage from Shapiro’s Heroes in fourth place.  Yet to notch up a win are the 5th placed GYC team and the 6th placed ‘new team’.  A number of changes in the leading teams may see the competition tighten up in the coming weeks.

In the B grade competiton Claremont Colledge are currently sitting in 1st place with a generous percentage buffer from the Hairy Wombats in 2nd place.  Bouyed by their recent performances the Sunken Corks are sitting in 3rd place whilst team UTAS 1 is occupying bottom spot.

****** Wanted *******   Replacement players for disorganised canoe polo team.  Following the retirement of the team captain and team founder Shapiro’s Heroes are now on the lookout for suitably qualified polo players, a new team will be formed under the name Zero Shapiros to complete the final weeks of competiton.  Suitable applicants should apply directly to team founder Andrew Maynard.

A Canoe Polo section has also been added to the website, keep an eye out for match photos, match reports, results and ladder updates.