2006/07 Browns Rivulet Series, Race 2 Results


2006/07 Browns Rivulet Race 2 Results

Brown’s Rivulet Race Series 2006/2007

Race 2 Results are out now!!

Race #2 was held on Tuesday 14th November 2006, with 19 paddlers, battling Antarctic conditions, with snow falling to 600m…. and we thought it was summer! The blustery conditions and strong headwinds provided slower than normal time trial results but allowed some good catch-up on the handicap leg, with paddlers recording better times by between 0.5 min and 1.5 mins.

The Time Trial event was taken out, overall, by Dan Hall in 7:12 in a DRR boat, from the Time Bandit of Brett Stewart in 7:20 and Stuart McFadzen in 7:27.

The Open Women’s was won by Imogen Pierce in 9:00 in a Time Machine, closely followed in 9:03 by Carol Hurst’s DRR and Genevive Duncan in 10:29 in an Avenger. Imogen was was so fast, she beat the timers to the finish bridge!

The hottly contested Multi-sport was taken out, Brett Stewart in 7:20, from Stuart Fadzen and Dion Frampton.

In the Sea Kayak class, Matt Watton posted a 9:25 in his Mirage, from Ewan McIver in 10:46 and Sarah Boyle in 12:08!

The Open Men’s DRR was taken out, by Dan Hall in 7:12 from Ashley Noble in a Wavehopper and Trout in a Marlin.

The Master’s DRR was taken out, by Dave Gray in 8:39 from Carol Hurst and John Borojevic.

The hottly contested Handicap event was taken out by Genevive Duncan, almost 45 secs clear of the rest of the field (the handicapper will get her next time!!), from Imogen Pierce and Ashley Noble.

With the wind at the back (and some wash hanging!), 3 paddlers improved their times around 1 min or more in the return, handicap event. Sarah Boyle improving 1:30.33, Warren Lee taking 1:22.51 off his time and John Borojevic improving almost a minute, taking off 0:59.31

Thanks must go to the House of Boro for the organisation, particularly to Moya and Margaret, in beenies and gloves for the start and the final video finish as well as to Kris for the timing at the bridge and the, on-the-fly, handicapping!