2006/07 Browns Rivulet Series, Race 1 Results


2006/07 Browns Rivulet Race 1 Results

Brown’s Rivulet Race Series 2006/2007

Race 1 Results are out now!!

Race #1 was held on Tuesday 31st November 2006 and was a success, with 19 paddlers competing. There were again, some impressive times for the start of the season.

The Time Trial event was taken out, overall, by Dan Hall in 6:40 in a DRR boat, from the sprint boat of Matt Dalziel in 7:07 and Kris Clausen in 7:39.

The Open Women’s was won by Carol Hurst in a 8:41, though, the only woman in the field, she placed 7th overall with the 3rd fastest DRR time.

The Masters Men’s Multi-sport was taken out, by Matt Dalziel in 7:07, from Philip Watkins and John Dalco.

The Men’s Multi-sport was taken out, by Kris Clauson in 7:39 from Sean Clausen and Nick Quince.

In the Sea Kayak class, Matt Watton posted a 8:54 in his Mirage, being the fastest sea kayak time in any of the Brown’s Rivulet Series run since 2003!

The Open Men’s DRR was taken out, by Dan Hall in 6:40 from Mikey Harding and Tim Wallace.

The Master’s DRR was taken out, by Dave Gray in 8:12 from Carol Hurst and John Borojevic.

The hottly contested Handicap event was taken out by a fast finishing sprint boat of Nick Quince, from Cam Folder’s slalom boat and Matt Wotton in his sea kayak….