World Record for Dalziel


Press Release:

Big Thursday on the Brown has yielded 2 new world records for Kingston Beach paddler Matt Dalziel. Said Dalziel ‘We moved here 6 years ago with the intent of setting an unbeatable time on the International Browns River Course and I think I may have achieved that today’

‘I’ve now got that strange mixed feeling, of having my wildest dreams come true, yet no longer having a reason to get out of bed in the morning’.
The river had been running strongly all day, thanks to an intense Easterly weather system, yet the flow in the Brown surprised even the most seasoned onlookers.

Dalziel negotiated swift moving logs, benches, duck housing and signs to get to the start of the course, taking in the devastation along the way and offering moral support to the shocked locals. Starting a little higher than usual, Dalziel had to drive cross current early to avoid a log jammed willow, making the start less quick than anticipated

‘It took me a minute before I got around the golf course bridge, and some hard paddling to cross the par 5 fairway to break back into the strong current, but by the time I reached the notorious haystack alley at the end of the straight I knew I was on a special time’

‘The rest is a bit of a blur, but I had the presence of mind to record the time- 6:29 for the full 1.8km traditional run and a ridiculous 5.29 for the DCC World Cup Course’

With easterly conditions set to continue into Friday, there may be more chances for quick Browns in the near future.