DCC Championships Results


DCC Championships – Bradys 4th and 5th December 2004

DCC Champs were on 4th and 5th December at Brady’s Lake. A great weekend was had by all!!

Saturday saw the head to head being taken out by Dan Hall from Anthony Ahern and Justin Boocock. The ball race degenerated (regenerated) into the ‘Bottle Race’ when the balls didn’t arrive! The event was taken out by Dan Hall and Dave Kjar from Justin Boocock and Dave Gray second and Rosie Mollison and Carol Hurst third.

The Rapid Sprints (in preparation for the 2005 Wildwater Nationals), including the Wave Hopper Challenge (all on Mellifont Street) and ‘Bust A Move’ in the Mellifont Street Stopper saw some spirited paddling! The event was taken out in 41.1 secs from Andrew Maynard in 42.3 secs and Dave Gray in 43.3 secs. Some impressive paddling was seen, with DRR boats doing 360s in Mellifont St and Tom Gibbs skillfully paddling the Mellifont Stopper backwards (and later taking out the Juniors in 43.8 secs!). The ‘Bust-a-Move’ was taken out in spectacular style by Chris Blackaby, becoming re-acquainted with the Mellifont Stopper.

Sunday saw the Slalom conducted on a testing course, again down Mellifont St.

Open Mens was taken out by Justin Boocock from Dave Borojevic and John Borojevic.

Open Womens was taken out by Kate Mollison from Rosie Mollison and Jen Brown

Open Plastic was a hard fought event with Anthony Ahern taking it out from Ian Smith and Daniel Harris. Good performances by Ian Smith and Carl Mason in their first ever slalom event (and at Brady’s!!).