Teva Lea XStream Race – Oct 9 & 10


Teva Lea&nbspXStream Race

After a successful debut last year, the Teva Lea Xstream Race is on again, 9th and 10th of October. The event is&nbspheld on the Lea river, near Miena, south of Devonport, on one of the most beautiful AND challenging stretches of river in Tasmania. Day one will involve a time trial, starting below ‘First Drop’ and finish&nbspat&nbspthe head of Lake Gardiner, where spectators await! The format involves teams of two (for safety), time finishing when last team member crosses the line. Day two involves the mystery Head to Head race (last year over Arm Falls),&nbsptwo at a time racing one challenging section of rapid. This is the second year of this event, with last years winners completing the long course in under 11 mins! The Lea is grade 4 continuous creeking, including, 2 major drops, ‘Screaming Plastic Surgeons’ and ‘Proctologists Twist’. The rapids are numerous and technical with&nbspindividual drops of up to 4m.&nbspThe infamous ‘Bull’ trophy is again up for grabs, thanks to Teva.

For more information check the website at contact Leigh Wighton, PO Box 140, New Norfolk, TAS 7140, Phone: 0418 569 044 or email:

Successful completion of the Lea&nbspXStream&nbspwill automatically qualify participants for the Cataract Extreme Race in January 2005